Letter from the founders

When we decided to start Nana’s Home, we had the aim of creating a community of loving, caring and supportive people that would find its purpose on the common goal of giving and receiving love from animals while making their owners smile. This love is at the center of everything we do and all that we invest in the project – straight from our hearts.

Ukrainian people share the same values we do and are forced to leave their lives, their possessions and sometimes their families behind as they literally run for their lives. However, their love for their pets hasn’t changed and many of them risk their own lives and comfort to carry their beloved pets with them for days in a difficult journey to safety. We have personally seen footage of a father and a son that were shot at while trying to go back to save their three German Shepherds.

They died on the spot along with one of the dogs…

We have recently been contacted by an Ukrainian friend that is trying to place a family with two dogs and finding it incredibly difficult to do so because of the pets. Needless to say that this is an additional factor of stress for people who have already sacrificed so much.

This is where we come in!

It might not seem like much, but every bit of comfort, love, understanding and peace of mind we can offer through this action will have a positive impact in the lives of people that just a couple of weeks ago were going about their lives just like we are now.

Please help by volunteering to either be a pet host, a translator, or help with logistics and transport. If you can’t volunteer this way, already spreading this message on social media and in groups you’re part of will be of much help!

If you’re coming from Ukraine to the Netherlands and need help finding a home with your pets, fill in this form below.

Application for Ukrainian Pets

We are looking for more volunteers in the Netherlands (country-wide) who can temporarily host pets in their homes.

Application for Volunteer Pet Hosts