Who are we looking for?

Please apply to this project if you are:

  • Passionate about pets
  • Living in a pet-friendly home
  • Experienced with caring for pets
  • Available to host pets at your home
  • Responsible and take commitment seriously
  • Empathetic towards animals and people
  • Committed to pet sit with us long-term (min, 3 placements within 3 months)
  • Motivated to be an active part of our tribe, grow with us, and learn new skills
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Our Vision

We want to create a community of pet hosts, meeting together with dogs in parks, exchange knowledge, and bond in the spirit of cooperation rather than competition. Our vision is for pet hosts to support one another by e.g. covering for someone if they get sick or have an emergency. 

Our vision for the project is that the pet hosts grow with it by learning new pet sitting and dog training skills, and increase their income as the project grows.

We are happy to see our pet hosts nurture their love for animals without having to commit to owning a pet long-term. They can enjoy the company of diverse pets with different personalities.

What we offer

You don’t need to scout social media for clients

We have a poll of reliable and trusting owners and pet guests. We reach out to you for placements, so you don’t need to do anything.

No nasty surprises!

We conduct intake calls with the owners and have already taken care of most of the pet guests. You will know everything there is to know about the pet’s behaviour before accepting the booking. We also create and send you a file with care instructions for each pet before each stay.


You let us know when you’re available. We don’t ask you for bookings when you’re away or busy.

Only requests that fit you

We only reach out to you with placements when you’re available and when we think a pet matches your home, preferences, and personality. You have control over what types of pets you take. Are you excited about puppies? Or do you prefer calm, older dogs? Or would you like to take only cats?

No need to repeat your life story to every owner

We create a file listing your experience, availability and preferences, and we share it with the owners before the booking (with your permission, of course).

Extra income paid fast

We treat our pet sitters fairly. Some platforms pay out the compensation to sitters weeks after the end of the booking. With us you complete the payment request form on the last day of the pet’s stay and are paid out within days.

Last minute cancellation? No worries!

Since all our booking are paid in advance, in case of late cancellations you still get compensation or partial compensation, depending on how much in advance the cancellation was made.

We’ve got your back

Our terms and conditions protect you as a host. If a pet you’re taking care of runs out of food or needs a visit at the vet, you don’t need to worry about extra costs not being returned to you – we cover these costs for you straight away. We are also involved in all communication between you and the owners so that you have our support in case of need, questions, or any potential friction.

Administration taken care of for you

We explain the process to the owners, arrange payments, and connect you with them.

Great Company

Pets are a great company and motivation to go outside and spend time actively in nature. Our pet hosts value their presence a lot, especially when they can’t commit to having a pet on their own.

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